Here is where you can find our CSA packages:
Rochester, Pennsylvania
Blackberry Meadows Farm was first certified organic in 1992 and has since provided the Pittsburgh area with high quality local, fruits and vegetables.
FRESH FROM THE FARM--DIRECT TO YOU   The Kretschmann Farm provides Pittsburgh  area customers with organically grown produce, fruits, and meats.
We strongly suggest you consider becoming a member of one of these CSA farms.  The farmers at each are not only wonderful people, but expert farmers with the greenest thumbs around.  Their pricing is resonable and their certified organic vegatables are simply the most delicious you will find.

If not, try this...
Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania.
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Other Options
So, what are they?  In short, there are none.  Yet!  If you want any or all of the CSA shares and live in the Southern Pennsylvania region, maybe one of these options will work for you:

1) Private Drop Off - Get 10 friends together and form a cheese, meat, and mushroom loving group!  With yours and your freinds collective shares we can justify a drop off point for you.  We'll bring it to you and you invite your friends over and eat some outstanding PA foods!  Send us an email and we'll make it happen!

2) Community Drop Off - Does everyone at your church love to eat well?  Maybe there is a market or business (maybe you own it) down the street that might be interested in hosting a Pick Up Point?  Maybe everyone in your office loves cheese, meats, and mushrooms too?  Think about it, talk to your friends and coworkers, then send us an email and we'll get the goods to you!

3) Farm Drop Off - so you're a member of another farm CSA not listed here?  No problem!  Send us an email with the farm's contact info and who to ask for, and we'll give them a call.  Or just direct them to us - we'd be glad to set it up for you!

Have another idea?  We'd love to explore it with you!  Please send us an email with your thoughts.

Thanks for your interest in our CSA programs!
Not a member of one of these fine CSA farms?
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Farms that offer our CSA shares

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Penns Corner Farm Stand - Order online for by weekly pick ups in convenient locations around Pittsburgh