The Best of Pennsylvania Cheese CSA
The Best of PA Cheese CSA is a cheese of the month program from the best daries and creameries in Pennsylvania.  Every month, we feature 1 variety each of artisanal cheese from 3 of the best creameries that Pennsylvania has to offer.  Your monthly package will contain 3 wedges, averaging around 8oz each.  There will be repeat creameries, however we don't anticipate having to repeat any specific variety of cheese for years to come.  Don't worry though, if there is one particular variety of cheese that you just can't wait to have again, we can make arangements to get more to you. 
Program Details

Check with your CSA farm administrator. We do offer the "Best of PA Cheese" CSA year round! 

Schedule: Once a month
Depending upon your CSA farm's schedule, you receive your cheese package with one of your boxes each month.

Each Package Includes:  approximately 1.5lbs of 3 different varieties Cheese!
Every month we hand select one type of cheese from three different sustainable Pennsylvania farmstead artisan creameries with the most enjoyable combinations in mind.  All of the creameries that we source cheese from hold the highest standards for quailty, both in the cheese they create and the milk that their cows produce, which means the best cheese for you!

Cost: $26.50 per package
Checks are made payable to your CSA farm.  If you are not a member of a CSA that offers our PA Farm CSA packages click here.

All CSA shares will soon be available in our Market! 
Coming in December 2011 to 5308 Butler Street in Lawrenceville!

Please direct any questions you may have here
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